Let us help you to understand Swandoo and our products a little bit better. Please find here some frequently asked questions.

Where does Swandoo come from?

We are a family orientated products company with offices in Vienna, Austria and Suzhou, China.

Why Swandoo?

Kenny Lai and Nicolás González-Garrido met while working on advanced development projects in Taipei. Several years passed until they got back together for a new project. Lai’s family had been in the manufacturing sector in Taiwan and China for over 40 years, and now, with the direction of the family company passing to Kenny, he saw the opportunity to create Swandoo. Swandoo drew inspiration from Swans, who are monogamous, very elegant and caring animals. Swans also happen to be very good parents to their cygnets (baby swans), who travel on the back of their parents, protected by their raised wings. Our own values and experience, paired with our love and dedication to our families, inspired us to start developing products so that other families could benefit from better and more enjoyable solutions.

Are the fabrics washable?

All our car seat fabrics are machine washable. Please refer to the user manual, or the washing tag on the product for the correct care instructions.

Who do I contact if there are any issues with my product?

Please contact your retailer/stockist from whom you have purchased your product. They will be able to help you.

What if our baby is growing older? Can we use your brand for a longer time?

We are developing a complete range of products to support your child development and the daily challenges of family life.

Does Swando exhibit at any consumer babyshow?

Not at the moment but we are looking to do so in certain markets in the future. We will post regular updates on any events we participate in on our website or on our social media channels.

What is i-size?

I-Size is a new European-wide car seat regulation (the first phase of a safety standard called R129), which aims to make car seats safer. It’s designed to keep children rear-facing for longer, provide better side impact protection and make car seats easier to fit correctly.  Under the older regulations, car seats only have to be tested for protection against accidents where the front or back of the car is hit. They don’t have to offer side impact protection, even though around 25% of car accidents involve a car being hit on the side. i-Size now legally requires car seats to ensure side impact protection. i-Size also aims to reduce the confusion around car seat suitability. Under the older regulations they’re categorised by weight. However, one e.g. 9-month-old baby may have a very different weight to another.  i-Size requires children to sit rear-facing until they’re at least 15 months old. This is because studies show it’s safer and that rear-facing car seats can offer up to 75% more protection if your young child is involved in a car accident.

Please also see our section about safer rear-facing travelling: https://swandoo.com/rearfacing/ i-Size currently requires the use of ISOFIX as it can reduce the risk of incorrectly installing your seat. This is the biggest safety problem around car seat use – as evidence suggests that up to 75% of car seats are not fitted correctly. A new type of more innovative crash test dummy is being used to test i-Size car seats (they’re called Q rather than P dummies). The new version has more sensors, higher sensitivity and better reflects how a child’s body would react in an accident.

Does Swandoo work with influencers in the baby sector?

We are always interested in receiving information from like-minded people, who are excited about our brand and our products and who want to help us to promote Swandoo. Please get in touch: hello@swandoo.com

How can we receive regular updates and news?

Easy- Just go to our newsletter and sign-in on the contact page.