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Meet‌ ‌the‌ ‌new‌ ‌Marie‌

The latest generation of our beloved rotating car seat is enhanced with a series of small, but important quality improvements.

Marie / Swandoo

The latest generation of Swandoo's rotating car seat, Marie 3, in Lime Green

Published on

août 9, 2021

Hello beautiful!

It’s not just us who think so. Our rotating car seat was crowned winner of the renowned iF Design Award in 2020 for its intuitive user experience and elegant looks. 

Now in its third generation, the new Marie combines all the smart product and safety features you already love with a series of small, but important quality improvements. 

By parents for parents

Even the safest seats can’t keep your little ones safe if handled incorrectly.

Sure, performing well in a crash test lab is a good start. But we all know that tests in perfect conditions with qualified engineers are not necessarily the same thing as a busy Monday morning trying to eat breakfast, be on time for work and secure your little ones in their seats, all at the same time.

To bridge this gap, all our products are developed for real parents and real-life situations. Because, as parents ourselves, we are only too familiar with the daily challenges of family life. To help you avoid possible car seat misuse, Marie offers a number of helpful safety features, all while keeping the simple and intuitive design. From the Eye-Level Indicator to the Child Direction Assistant and Harness+, these solutions provide simple fixes that help parents along the way.

Eye-Level Indicator

Aligning this visual guide with the eyes of your child ensures the headrest is in the optimal position for a safe and comfortable ride. 


Statistics show around 50% of children have a loose-fitting harness or belt when travelling in a car seat. This poses a serious risk to the safety of the child. The Harness+ reminds you to remove the slack around the waist area of your child – a common mistake – before tightening the harness to keep your precious cargo safe in their seat.

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Child Direction Assistance

Marie has unique orbital rotation. It enables you to comfortably rotate and/or recline the seat from any position, and face your child when boarding, or leaving the seat. 

In addition, our integrated Child Direction Assistant ensures that parents follow the 15-months rear-facing requirement as specified in the ECE R129 car seat safety regulations. Simply put, Marie keeps the little ones even safer and helps avoid misuse by not allowing children under 76 cm to travel in a forward-facing position.

To get an overview of the various car seat regulations in Europe, check out our guide to UN-ECE and European Car Seat Laws


 “One never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done.”

Marie Curie


In the spirit of the eponymous scientist and double Nobel Prize winner, Marie Curie, we also believe that there’s always room for improvement. We continuously work on enhancing the safety, usability, quality, and comfort of our products and added a series of small, but important quality improvements to our new Marie. At Swandoo, we pay attention to even the tiniest of details, because, as parents, we know that small things can make a big difference – just like our children.