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Albert i-Size car seat product sideview
Albert i-Size Baby Car Seat
Mom and Albert i-Size car seat on a stroller with the stroller adapter

Fits on strollers Our of the car, straight to the park

Safe, beautiful, and a test winner!

Swandoo’s Albert baby car seat secures not just 1, but 2 impressive test wins, an incredible achievement for our small and passionate team. Check out the results of the tests!


 Greman Design Award 2019 for Swandoo's AlbertReddot Design Award for Swandoo's Albert


We believe every newborn is special and full of potential that will only flourish with the right love and support. This is why we named our product after the German scientist and Nobel Prize winner Albert Einstein. Our continuous efforts and love for our work are dedicated to the families and children who will create a better future.


“Franci's best naps, in the car or at home, wherever in his cosy Albert.”

Francesco's Mommy

How to videos

How to install Albert i-Size base

How to secure your baby in the seat

Installing Albert on a Stroller

Seat features

Albert i-Size car seat with the stroller


Albert i-Size car seat with epp shield

Enhanced side protection

Albert i-Size car seat with the newborn pillow


Albert i-Size car seat with side protection

Side Impact Buddy

Albert i-Size car seat with glow-in-the-dark elements


Albert i-Size car seat with headrest positions


Albert i-Size car seat with base



  • Icon for the size range of the i-Size car seat

    FOR THE LITTLE ONES 40 – 85 cm or up to 13 kg (Approx 18 months)

  • Icon for the i-Size certification of the i-Size car seat

    I-SIZE, ECE R129/0 When used with Albert i-Size Base

  • Icon for the seat weight of the i-Size car seat

    SEAT´S WEIGHT 4.7 / 5.1 kg with newborn pillow

  • Icon for the universal stroller adapters of the i-Size car seat

    OPTIMAL SAFETY An individual adjustment of harness straps for a more secure and snug fit.

  • Icon for the side protection of the i-Size car seat

    SIDE IMPACT BUDDY The Side Impact Buddy is an accessory that can be attached on the window side of the seat for extra protection.

  • Icon for the universal stroller adapters of the i-Size car seat

    FITS ON STROLLERS A set of universal stroller adapters are included and compatible with most common brands

  • Icon for the seat belt guides of the i-Size car seat

    USING SEAT BELT Seat belt guides for easy buckle up

  • Icon for the integrated sun canopy of the i-Size car seat

    INTEGRATED SUN CANOPY Extends beyond the handle and provides UPF 50+ protection

  • Icon for the EPP shell structure of the i-Size car seat

    ENHANCED PROTECTION Unique shell structure with EPP for enhanced impact protection

  • Icon for the adjustable headrest of the i-Size car seat

    ADJUSTABLE HEADREST Six positions to fit the needs of your growing baby

  • Icon for the machine washable fabrics of the i-Size car seat

    REMOVABLE FABRICS High quality, machine washable fabrics

  • Icon for the glow in the dark elements of the i-Size car seat

    MORE VISIBILITY The seatbelt guides glow in the dark

  • Icon for the handle adjustment of the i-Size car seat

    ADJUSTABLE HANDLE Four positions for your requirements

  • Icon for the design awards of the i-Size car seat

    DESIGNED IN VIENNA With love by our passionate design team

Icon for the glow-in-the-dark element

More visibility The seat belt guides glow in the dark for higher visibility.

Life is colorful. So are our seats.

What is your flavour?

Fabric color green/grey of the i-Size car seat red Fabric color green of the i-Size car seat red Fabric color beige of the i-Size car seat red Fabric color blue of the i-Size car seat red Fabric color red of the i-Size car seat red

Lime & Sesame Grey

Sesame Grey



Forest Fruits

Fabric color grey-green
Fabric color grey
Fabric color beige
Fabric color dark blue
Fabric color dark red
A green lime section
A grey collection of sesame seed
A beige Alfalfa picture
Lots of blueberries
Lots of forest fruits

Gets along with Albert

Insect net accessory for i-Size car seat

Mosquito net

Rain coat accessory for i-Size car seat


i-Size Base accessory for i-Size car seat

i-Size Base

Stroller lifters accessory for i-Size car seat

Stroller adapters

Albert most asked questions

  • Can i install Albert i-Size with a seat belt?

    In most cases you can. Albert can be installed with i-Size base or seatbelt to allow for more versatility e.g. when you are travelling on holiday. However, when Albert is installed with a seatbelt it is legally not an i-Size seat and falls effectively under the R44 standard. Albert has achieved a high safety grade for both standards, so rest assured your child is safe at all times.

  • What age group is Albert for?

    From 40cm (with newborn pillow) up to 85cm of length or up to 13kg weight (approx. 18 months of age).

  • How do I install Albert?

    With Albert I-Size base or with seatbelts (in that case only ECE R44). Check out our instruction video.

  • Can I fix Albert on any ISOFIX base?

    Never try to use an ISOFIX base of another brand with our products. Every car seat manufacturer offers their own ISOFIX bases that match their car seat models. Please use Albert in combination with our Albert i-Size base to assure the highest level of safety.

  • Does Albert fit in my car?

    If you are planning to use Albert with our i-Size Base please check our list with the car models Albert is compatible with, here. Or try the car fitting service of your local Albert retailer.

  • How do I install Albert’s sun canopy?

    Open the pocket of the canopy on the rear of your seat. Pull out the canopy. Make sure the handle is in the vertical position, then pull the canopy over it. Fix the canopy by inserting the arched structure in the indicated handle slots. Our sun canopy offers UPF 50+ and extends beyond the handle for extra protection against sun-rays.

  • Why does Albert use a different harness system to others?

    Not all children have the same measurements. We have designed a harness system where the straps can be adjusted separately to accommodate bespoke protection.

  • Does Albert connect to my stroller?

    We have tested a selection of stroller models from other manufacturers with our height enhancing interfaces for stroller adapters included with the Albert package. We tested individual combinations according to industry standards and confirmed that they meet the highest safety requirements. Please ask your retailer for further details.

  • How do I clean Albert?

    All our car seat fabrics are machine washable at 30°. Please refer to the user manual, or the washing tag for the correct care instructions. We do not recommend drying any fabric items in a tumble dryer as this could cause the fabric to shrink.

  • How much does Albert weigh?

    4.7kg / 5.1kg with newborn pillow.

  • What position does Albert's handle need to be in during travel?

    The handle should be in the driving position – facing the child. This reduced tilting in case of a collision. For detailed information please see Albert user manual.

  • Where can I get spare/replacement seat covers?

    If you need spare parts or a new seat cover, please contact your local stockist. All collection colors available in your market should be available as replacement seat covers.

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