We’ve got you covered: comfortable and safe child seats for every age

From the very first journey home to visiting the grandparents, and holiday road trips – children spend a lot of time in their safety seats, moving through a variety of them as they grow up. 

With our recently completed product line of high-quality and intuitive safety seats, your children can now travel safely and comfortably with Swandoo at every stage of their precious lives.

Meet the Swandoo Family

If you have been following Swandoo for a while, you might already be familiar with our infant carrier, Albert, and our rotating car seat, Marie. Designed to protect children in the first few years of their lives, both seats received several design awards and became the best in their product category. Wohoo! 

  • Learn more about their respective successes at the European consumer tests täällä. and täällä..  

With the recent introduction of Charlie, we are now able to offer the same safe and enjoyable travel experience for the bigger kids as well. Suited for children from 100 cm (~3 years) to 150 cm (~12 years) in height, the booster seat adapts to the needs of growing children as they evolve from toddlers into pre-teens. As the last seat children will need when traveling in the vehicle, Charlie also completes our product line of high-quality and intuitive car seats.

With each seat designed to cater to the specific needs of your child at the most crucial development stages, that’s three products to protect your children, without any safety trade-offs, from birth until they no longer require a special restraint system.


Did you know that all our products are named after inspiring people?

Instead of made-up words and technical abbreviations, we name all our products after people who made a great contribution to society. This serves as a reminder to protect every child for their potential to change the world. 

Can you guess the eponyms of Albert, Marie, and Charlie?

Yes! After scientists, Albert Einstein (Albert) and Marie Curie (Marie), the naturalist and evolutionary theorist, Charles Darwin (Charlie), has now joined the ranks of child seat patrons.  

Designed by parents for parents

The well-being of families is at the center of everything we do. With most of us being parents ourselves, we are only too familiar with the daily challenges (and joys) of life with children. By combining our own experiences with our expertise in engineering, design, and child safety, we have set out to create products that help make family life safer, easier, and more enjoyable – starting with car seats.

Reflecting our mission, the design of our products is characterized by clean, flowing lines, and a lack of clutter and non-essentials. This is as much an aesthetical decision as it is about usability. Every element is functional, and every function is self-explanatory, allowing for a truly intuitive user experience. 

And we believe that this is exactly what differentiates us. In addition to the award-winning safety performances of all our seats in crash tests, it’s the human experience that matters to us. From anticipating and preventing any potential areas of misuse when installing the seat, to maximizing the comfort of the child for more enjoyable journeys, all of these elements are part of our product development process.

“Parenting is hard enough, it shouldn’t be made any more difficult with overly complicated products,” Swandoo’s Chief Designer and father of three children, Nicolás González Garrido (aka Nico), explains. “We strive to keep our child seats as simple as possible, without compromising on safety and function. Most of us are parents, and we use our products with our own children.”

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Have a look at our full range of safety seats or get to know Albert, Marie, and Charlie in person at one of our trusted retailers!  


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