Everybody needs a good rest.


The first and only Armrest.

Positioned at just the right height and distance from the body, our armrests increase the comfort of your child when travelling in Charlie. By offering extra support for the arms, this unique accessory helps your child stay in a comfortable and upright position, without leaving the protection area of the seat – even on long journeys.

Ergonomic Design

The armrests are attached at the optimal height and distance for your child to comfortably place their elbows on. This helps relieve the weight of arms and shoulders, and releases tension in the neck and back area, keeping your kids in an ergonomic and safe position. For even more comfort when reading a book or holding any other devices, your child can easily change the armrest angle between two positions.

Easy to use and safety approved

Installing the armrests requires only two simple moves. First please open the small pocket on the side by stretching the elastic bands and find the female bracket. Second, please slide-in the red male bracket with the “plus” sign visible from the centre of the seat into the female bracket all the way to the end, and then gently rotate it down to lock it in place. Please repeat for the other side.

Durable and lightweight material

Made from EPP – a lightweight, durable material you might recognise from bicycle helmets and our child seats – the armrests are easily cleaned using a moist cloth, whilst the softness of the material provides increased comfort.

Of course, we would never let our children travel with something that doesn’t comply with the highest safety standards. Crash-tested in both frontal and side impacts under the most demanding consumer testing conditions (ADAC), the armrests are perfectly safe to use in any position!

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