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Optimal UV protection for those glorious summer drives.

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Who doesn’t love those beautiful sunny days?

How lovely it is feeling your skin warm up, and seeing everything around you being enveloped in a warm glow.
Not so lovely, however, is finding yourself in a constant squint when having the sun shine directly in your face.
Whilst it’s uncomfortable for most people, children’s skin and eyes are even more sensitive to direct sunlight.
Especially the very little ones who can’t yet communicate their discomfort or move out of harm’s way.

Perfect cover in a few easy steps…

To ensure the comfort of your child on the road, you can now add the Sun Cap accessory to their safety seat.
Easily installed, it will shield your child’s head from direct sunlight. Simply position it on the outer side of the headrest, press in the snap fasteners on each side and pull the headrest strap through the gap in the back of the Sun Cap. For even more coverage, the fold-out visor will provide extra shade for when the sun is at a low angle or your little one is ready for a nap.





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