How Marie is improving the lives of new parents

At Swandoo we want to understand how our products are impacting parents’ lives. So, in November of last year, we invited new parents to test our 360° rotating car seat, Marie, themselves, and give us their honest reviews. 

Our campaign was met with joy and a lot of interest from parents in Germany, Austria and Poland. With over 600 registrations in two weeks, the decision was for sure difficult. We handpicked ten lucky parents and their little ones to be our first official Swandoo testers.

The results?

Everybody loves Marie!

Over the last months, Marie has accompanied our testers on their daily car rides. While their little ones test Marie’s comfort, their parents focus on the handling, the installation in their cars and all the integrated safety features. Our 360° car seat Marie was widely praised for her outstanding design and versatility -–exceeding our testers expectations.


“The quality of workmanship, the orbital rotation, the many resting positions, the comfortable seat belt and the intuitive operation… All these are features I appreciate in Marie.”

Joanna, mom of one little angel

“Intuitive, convenient and comfortable”

Moreover, Marie’s intuitive handling was highlighted repeatedly. Parents were mostly impressed by the magnetic shoulder pads and the eye-level indicator. Both features make it easy to adjust the headrest correctly and buckle belts according to their child’s needs.

Swandoo tester

“Marie fully met my expectations. The 360°  rotation function makes placing a small passenger in the seat incredibly easy. No more stretching and shedding sweat while buckling up your kid and getting ready for the trip.

 The magnetic shoulder pads make it super easy to adjust the belts, especially because they do not interfere when getting in. They allow buckling up of the child quickly.”

Krzysztof, dad of two little angels

When asked how their kids would rate the comfort of our car seat Marie, as a result, 4 out of 5 categorized our car seat as “Super Comfortable”. Marie’s ergonomic design, combined with her beautiful looks, made a good impression on the little ones.  

Little tester in car seat Marie

“My daughter quickly got used to the new car seat. If she felt like sleeping in the car, she would immediately do so. Thanks to the large tilt adjustment, we got a good angle and my daughter’s head did not droop during her nap.

Overall, I rate the car seat at a high level of functionality, safety, and aesthetics, because the seat is beautiful 😍.

Daria, mom of three little rascals

Central to the way we work is our focus on building a strong relationship with our customers. We wanted to know how our brand was coming across to our testers, and therefore we asked them to rate our efforts and work.

Swandoo tester using our car seat Marie

“What impressed me the most about Swandoo is that you put a safety centre stage. To me, that matters.”

Agnieszka, mom of two

Made by parents for parents 

Our goal is to become a reliable companion for you and your little ones. The comfort of our seats, combined with the good looks and intuitive use, is what makes our car seat, a clear favourite among parents. Our testers love Marie, and we are convinced you will love her too!

Swandoo tester using our car seat Marie

“Marie definitely met my expectations. Rysio did not like travelling by car too much, but since he moved to Marie, he travels with a smile on his face.“

Patrycja, mom of a little one

Meet our family of products on our website nebo find your retailer to book an appointment to test our rotating car seat Marie, yourself.

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A big thank you to the Swandoo testers for trusting our car seat Marie and sharing their reviews with us!

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