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Hello beautiful!

It’s no secret – Marie is quite the stunner! 

Now in its third generation, our rotating car seat combines all the smart product features you already love with a series of small, but important quality improvements. 

A rather successful combination as it turns out. 😉 

With an overall score of 2.4 “Good”, Marie 3 achieved ‘Best in Category’ (approved up to approx. 4 years/40-105 cm) at the autumn 2021 consumer tests by ADAC, ÖAMTC, and TCS. 

What are the differences between Marie, Marie 2 and Marie 3?

All three generations share the same intuitive design. They are easy to use and top performers in safety crash tests, with Marie 2 and Marie 3 both scoring a remarkable  five-star rating in rear-facing position at the ADAC safety tests! Still, we believe there’s always room for improvement. 

Or in the words of the eponymous scientist and double Nobel Prize winner, Marie Curie:

 “One never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done.”

Marie Curie

At Swandoo, we continuously work on enhancing the safety, usability, quality, and comfort of our products. Even if those changes are only minimal and not always visible at first glance. We pay attention to even the tiniest of details. As parents, we know that small things can make a big difference – just like our children. 


Shortly after the launch, the first generation of our rotating car seat was recognised with the prestigious iF Design Award 2020 for its simple and intuitive user experience, elegance and sophisticated design. Thanks to its 360° orbital rotation Marie makes placing and securing your little one in their seat almost effortless. In addition, smart product features such as the Eye-level Indicator and the Side Impact Buddy further enhance the user experience as well as the safety of your child. The former is a visual guide helping parents adjust the headrest correctly, whilst the latter adds another layer of protection in case of a side impact.

Marie 2

Building upon Marie’s simple and intuitive design, we took the second generation of our rotating car seat to the next level. We analysed the most common types of car seat misuse and equipped Marie 2 with two new product features. Two simple solutions to support parents along the way. 

  • By law, children have to travel rear-facing until the minimum age of 15 months. The integrated Child Direction Assistance (CDA) helps parents follow this rule as specified in the ECE R129 car seat safety regulations by not allowing children under 76 cm to be placed into a forward-facing position. Beyond this regulation, we recommend having your little ones travel rear-facing for as long as possible. 

Find out why rear-facing child seats are safer and get an overview of the various car seat regulations in Europe with our guide to UN-ECE and European Car Seat Laws.

  • Time and time again we see child seats with loose-fitting harnesses. In fact, statistics reveal that almost half of all children travel with a harness that has not been properly adjusted. This poses a serious risk to the safety of the child. The Harness+ is a visual reminder to remove the slack around the waist area of your child – a common mistake – before tightening it until it’s all snug.

If you’re unsure how to correctly secure your little one in Marie, our Chief Designer, Nico, and his little girl will take you through the process step by step in this video

Marie 3

The latest generation – Marie 3 – offers all of the smart product features of its predecessors whilst some small, notable improvements enhance the overall quality of the seat. These include, among others, changes in the fabric covers as well as stitched labels. Additional guides further ensure the seat is used correctly and therefore increase the safety of the child. 


Swandoo's Marie 3 was designed by parents for parents to help families achieve a more joyful lifestyleBy parents for parents

Even the safest seats can’t keep your little ones safe if handled incorrectly.

Sure, performing well in a crash test lab is a good start. But we all know that tests in perfect conditions with qualified engineers are not necessarily the same thing as a busy Monday morning trying to eat breakfast, be on time for work and secure your little ones in their seats, all at the same time. 

As parents ourselves, we are only too familiar with the daily challenges of family life. All our products are developed for real parents and real-life situations.

Discover what other parents love about our Marie: Testers’ reviews 


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