Marie 5 – what is new about our 360° rotating child seat?

Find out everything there is to know about the next generation of our 360° rotating car seat, Marie 5. Learn about the differences to its predecessor, Marie 3; why there is no number 4; and why we will never stop improving our seats.

One never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done.”

Does this quote sound familiar?

You might have come across it in our blog post ‘Meet the new Mariefrom 2021 in which we explained the differences between the first three iterations of our 360° rotating car seat as well as our continuous commitment to development and innovation.

In case you don’t recall it, these wise words were spoken by none other than Marie Curie. The scientist and Nobel prize legend – who our 360° rotating car seat is named after – was not only the first woman to receive this prestigious award but also the first person to win two!

To us, her words still ring as true today as they did back then.

Whilst we do think it important to acknowledge our accomplishments – in fact, we are proud of the seat we have created and the recognition it has garnered (from winning the iF Design Award 2020 to achieving ‘Best in Category’ in the 2021 ADAC consumer tests) – we simply can’t stop trying to make it even better.

At Swandoo, we believe that the work is never finished and that there is always room for improvement – however small. Instead of flooding the market with more and more products, we prefer focusing on enhancing our existing range and making them the best they can possibly be. 

The launch of Marie 5 is the ultimate testament that we don’t just talk the talk, but actually walk the walk. The latest edition of our 360° rotating car seat continues the legacy of its award-winning predecessor whilst boasting several upgrades that promise enhanced user experience, superior safety, and increased comfort.

What is the difference between Marie 3 and Marie 5?

We’ve taken everything you loved about her award-winning predecessor, Marie 3, and made it even better. Here are the three main features that take Marie 5 to the next level. 

Modular Newborn Pillow to Fit Every Need
Marie 5 comes with an upgraded modular newborn pillow. Consisting of interchangeable parts, it can be easily adapted to fit the individual needs of your child, providing maximum support and extending the age range. Further steps to up cosy-ness levels and ensure your child doesn’t merely tolerate, but LOVE sitting in Marie 5 include moulded surfaces that improve ergonomics as well as a highly breathable mesh back and headrest for excellent airflow. 

Crotch Pad Spring for Even Easier Boarding
One of Marie 3’s favourite features among parents are the magnetic should pads. These handy features hold the harness up and out of the way, allowing for an almost seamless boarding experience. Almost! With Marie 5, we doubled down our efforts and added the new spring-loaded crotch pad. By pushing the harness buckle forward, away from the seating area, it perfectly complements the existing magnetic shoulder pads, ensuring securing your kids is easier than ever before! No more fumbling with fallen pads or struggling to find elusive clips. It’s like having a team of superhero sidekicks assisting you. 

Paramedic Wristband: Peace of Mind at Your Fingertips
Hidden behind the headrest, the Paramedic Wristband holds your child’s vital health information in case of emergencies. We hope you’ll never need it, but it’s there just in case – because as parents, we always have to be prepared for the unexpected!

Why Marie 5 and not 4?

We’re gracefully sidestepping superstitions around the number 4, considered unlucky in some cultures, especially resonant with our dear friends in China.

This jump isn’t just numerical—it’s a symbolic stride forward, embracing global growth and inclusivity, and respecting diverse cultural sentiments.

Marie 5 stands as a testament to our dedication to providing innovative features for your child’s safety and your peace of mind, no matter where in the world your journey takes you. 

Get to know Marie 5 at your local retailer and let us know what you think about the new features and upgrades of the latest generation of our 360° rotating car seat.

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