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In our family, as in every family, knowledge is shared in between generations. Experience is the key to understand the present and to develop a better future.

Why should we keep this knowledge for ourselves?! Swandoo Blog collects articles about car seats, safety, fun facts...Enjoy your read!

How Marie is improving the lives of new parents

Marzo 29, 2021

Marie / Parenting / Swandoo

Freud next to Marie Rotating car seat from Swandoo

Let’s talk about Marie and why she’s so safe – safe

Marzo 3, 2021

Marie / Testing

Swandoo Marie 2

Marie 2: Introducing the next generation of our 360° rotating car seat

Gennaio 19, 2021

Marie / Swandoo

Our Design principles: What Swandoo stands for

Dicembre 22, 2020

Parenting / Safety / Swandoo

Bottom of Albert i-Size car seat showing certification label

Your Guide to UN-ECE and European Car Seat Laws

Dicembre 9, 2020

Safety / Swandoo

Award-Winning Swandoo Orange Chocolate Cookies

Dicembre 1, 2020


Swandoo - Always with you

Our lifetime warranty and product replacement program

Settembre 25, 2020

Safety / Swandoo

Swandoo Car Seats

Top 9 tips for choosing a children’s car seat

Settembre 11, 2020


child in Marie i-Size child seat with iF design award

Marie 360 i-size car seat wins the iF Design Award 2020

Luglio 1, 2020


Albert installed rear facing in the care

Why are rear facing child car seats safer?

Giugno 1, 2020