Aloha Summer Cover


This summer the beach comes to you!

Where to find it

The hottest way to stay cool!

Welcome to the Hawaiian heatwave season, car seat style! After all, it’s hard enough when your little one is fighting a battle with the sun – so why not give them the perfect weapon to beat the heat in the car: Swandoo’s Aloha car seat summer cover.

Upgrade your original fabric cover with our Aloha cover that features a standout jungle-inspired design. Your kid will enjoy improved breathability and reduced sweating, even on the hottest days! This is thanks to our premium 3D mesh fabric that helps minimize the risk of overheating. Also, lighter colors absorb less heat when exposed to the sun.

Let Swandoo keep your little ones cool and comfortable whether you’re planning that summer weekend getaway or a cross-country road trip!





Premium fabrics. Optimum ventilation.

Keep your kids cool this summer with breathable materials that will significantly reduce sweat and keep them fresh! Make those hot days a breeze.

Easy installation.

Simply remove your original fabric cover, and replace it with the fresh Aloha look. Just like that! In fact, we have provided you with a fabric tool that will help tuck the covers back in once you have removed them from the shell of the seat. Just take a peek behind the headrest to find this little beauty!


Easy to use. And clean.

Pampering and pamper-proof – this cover loves long gentle baths in warm, water but don’t worry about ruining it – just throw the washable fabric on a delicate program or take an extra minute by handwashing.

Missing the beach? Aloha helps!

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