Cuddle Wings


Our Cuddle Wings ensure your very tiny ones stay cozy and safe.

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The simple things are the most powerful… Like a good cuddle.


From reducing stress to increasing happiness and strengthening the immune system – there are numerous health benefits to hugging a loved one. Whilst there’s nothing that can replace the feeling of being wrapped in somebody’s caring arms, our Cuddle Wings are the next best thing.

Attach them to the sides of your newborn inlay to ensure a closer fit for preemies and very small infants. By adding this extra cushy layer, our Cuddle Wings will increase the safety and comfort of your tiny ones, making them feel all snug, like in a hug!


Premium fabrics. Optimum ventilation.

Our Cuddle Wings are made of high-quality foams and fabrics that are gentle against babies’ skin. Easily cleaned in the washing machine, the fabric’s breathable quality allows for excellent airflow, ensuring maximum comfort.

Easy to use. And clean.

Place your newborn pillow onto the Cuddle Wings, slip both side flaps into the designated fabric pockets, and position in the seat to ensure an extra snug fit. Once outgrown or in need of freshening up, simply detach the accessories and place in the wash at 30°C.



Need a cuddle?

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