Terms & Conditions – Swandoo Testers Competition 2020

Terms & Conditions

T&C Swandoo Testers Competition 2020
Valid through: November 17. – November 30. 2020

The following terms and conditions (“T&C”) regulate the conditions for participation in the competition (“Swandoo Testers Competition 2020”) being conducted on our website (www.swandoo.com) and linked from Facebook and Instagram. The competition is organized by Swandoo GmbH, Reisnerstraße 55-57, Top B3, 1030 Vienna, Austria (“Swandoo” or “we”), and provides the relevant information on the protection of personal data within that context.
Participando en la Competición, el usuario confirma haber leído y aceptado estos TyC


(1) Participation in the Competition is free of charge and independent of any purchase of goods or services.

(2) Only natural persons over the age of eighteen (18) who possess full legal capacity are entitled to participate. However, participation shall be limited to residents of Poland, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

(3) Trabajadores y otros miembros del staff de Swandoo, sus subsidiarios, y compañías asociadas además de empresas de terceros que estén involucradas en la organización y ejecución de esta Competición, no pueden ser elegidos para participar. Lo mismo es aplicable a parientes, personas que comparten vivienda o que viven con las personas mencionadas arriba

(4) Swandoo reserves the right to exclude participants acting contrary to the rules as stipulated in these T&C from the Competition. This applies in particular to participants making false statements or use unauthorized aids or otherwise gaining advantages through manipulation, for example through the use of automatic scripts or hacker tools. In such cases, if necessary, a prize can be consequently denied or reclaimed. The participant has no legal claim to participate in the Competition.

(5) Para participar en la Competición, el participante aplica a través de la web de swandoo.com rellenado el formulario con sus datos personales. Todos los participantes deben tener la mayoría de edad. Está prohibido formar parte de la competición desde perfiles falsos. Si el administrador advierte un abuso de la web de uno o más usuarios de la red, estos usuarios quedarán inmediatamente descalificados de la competición sin aviso y su contenido será eliminado.


(1) The competition is organized to determine product reviews that will be distributed to registered participants.

(2) By participating in this competition you agree to the following: the selected winners of the competition will provide a review and testimonial within 30 days after receiving the product.

(3) Reviews and testimonials will be used for marketing purposes such as testimonials
on the website and social media content.

(4) This Competition has no connection to Facebook or Instagram and is in no way sponsored, supported, or organized by them. Facebook or Instagram thus shall in no way be responsible for any damages arising in relation to the execution of the Competition. The recipient of all information any participant may provide is not Facebook or Instagram, but Swandoo. Such information will only be used for the execution of the Competition. However, Instagram will have access to the information publicly provided on the network, in particular the fact that you – as the owner of your respective Instagram profile – have commented on the Swandoo Instagram page as well as the content(s) of that / those comment(s).


(1) The competition is divided into 5 (five) phases as follows (1) Registration phase via our website: swandoo.com. (2) Selection phase: The testers will be selected by us at random. The selected testers will be notified individually by e-mail. The selected testers commit to responding within three (3) days to the email address indicated. (3) Online event: Selected testers will then have the opportunity to participate in our online webinar MARIE 101 in December 2020. Participation in the webinar is required and was confirmed in the registration process by agreeing to the following T&Cs. (5) Test phase: After participating in our webinars, all selected testers will have 30 days to test and verify the product. (5) Evaluation phase: The selected testers fill send us their testimonials by filling in our Testimonial Form.

(2) Once the deadline of three (3) days to send an email to us pursuant to § 3. (3) has expired, the respective winner is no longer entitled to redeem the prize unless he provides sufficient proof that the delay is not attributable to his person in good time. The same shall apply if the prize cannot be delivered successfully due to the indication of incorrect information by the respective winner or as well as in similar cases not caused by us. In such cases, Swandoo reserves the right to determine a new winner, however, we shall not be obligated to investigate the matter further or take any action.

(3) One participant has the right to test one product. The quantity, ie the number of products that are available is stated in the terms and conditions section 4.1. Products.

(4) Participants register and leave their data (name and surname, e-mail address, address, and telephone number), on the basis of which the product will be delivered to the selected participants for testing. The organizer delivers the product to the attached address.

(5) Selected participants will receive an individual e-mail with a link to the testimonial form. The participant fills in a questionnaire regarding the product that was sent for testing. The person to whom the product was delivered is obliged to provide feedback, i.e. return to the link within 30 days, fill in the questionnaire, and submit their opinion on the product.

(6) The organizer selects the participants who will test the product at random and announces the list of winners latest on 11.12.2020. The products are sent to all applicants at once. The organizer undertakes to deliver the product to the registered within 14 days from the last assigned product for testing. After receiving the product the applicant is obliged to write a review within 30 days via the link he receives in the e-mail address.

(7) Failure to deliver the product to the winner of the competition due to incorrect personal data, refusal to accept, or non-acceptance of the product cannot be charged to the organizer of the competition as non-fulfillment of the obligation.

(8) In the case of the impossibility to deliver the product to the winner of the competition, the organizer can choose a new winner or tester.


(1) Swandoo is selecting 10 MARIE testers in the following regions: 5x Poland, 2x Germany, 2x Austria, 1x Switzerland. The number of selected testers in each region may vary according to the overall number of participants.

(2) The product of choice is Swandoo 360° Rotating i-Size Child Seat, Marie. The Colour of choice is not guaranteed.


(1) By participating in this competition you are allowing Swandoo to process the following data: name and surname, address, age, telephone number, e-mail address.

(2) Giving personal data to the organizer of the competition is necessary in order to fulfill the obligations that the organizer assumes with this competition.

Corrections of withdrawals of the competition can be claimed during the period of the competition from November 12, – November 30, 2020.

6. Contact Details

La Competición es organizada por Swandoo GmbH. Si tienes cualquier pregunta en este contexto, por favor utiliza la siguiente dirección para ponerte en contacto con nosotros:

Swandoo GmbH
Reisnerstraße 55-57, Top B3
1030 Vienna
Email: hello@swandoo.com

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