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We are a young team dedicated to helping families achieve a more balanced and joyful lifestyle.

Swandoo who?

Swandoo was founded in Vienna, Austria, by a non-conformist team of designers and engineers. We are quality and safety freaks, and with most of us being parents, we use our products with our own children.

Like every parent, we want the best safety for our little rascals. Unfortunately, the products we found didn’t meet our expectations in quality and safety, but rather reminded us of props taken out of a low-budget sci-fi, or even worse, horror film!

We decided to take matters in our own hands and drawing on our expertise in innovation and product development, we took on the challenge of pushing the industry standards. And then, we couldn’t stop! We strive to develop the best possible products. We will always try our best… because we care-care.

Our products

We walk the walk. Let’s talk the talk!

At Swandoo we are very down-to-earth people, we love movies, sports, memes, silly jokes, and sharing a good conversation. Drop us a line, we would love to meet you over a cup of coffee!

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Oh oh...where is the other one?

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